BLACK STAR RIDERS reveal new album artwork & track-listing


Black Star Riders was born out of Thin Lizzy, and the band arrived kicking and screaming – rock’n’roll style – on the music scene with the absolutely terrific debut album All Hell Breaks Loose in 2013. The band has been touring a lot, but have found time to record a follow-up to that release. The Killer Instinct will be released February 23, 2015 on Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

The artwork is definitely reminiscent of the cover for All Hell Breaks Loose. Singer Ricky Warwick says:

It’s a bit of a continuation from ‘All Hell Breaks Loose,’ people will see link, it’s very Rock N Roll. It’s going to look cool.’

I really can’t wait to hear this new album!

  • Read my review of All Hell Breaks Loose here.
  • Check out Black Star Riders’ upcoming tour-dates here.

The track-list for the CD version looks like this:

  1. The Killer Instinct
  2. Bullet Blues
  3. Finest Hour
  4. Soldierstown
  5. Charlie I Gotta Go
  6. Blindsided
  7. Through The Motions
  8. Sex, Guns & Gasoline
  9. Turn In Your Arms
  10. You Little Liar

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