Album review – RESONANCE PROJECT “Tale Goes On”

ResonanceProject-TaleGoesOnListening to Resonance Project’s captivating release Tale Goes On, I’m reminded once again that I am a total sucker for great vocals. Here, shining bright on every track, is Donna Greene’s strikingly beautiful voice: strong and rich with a husky, earthy tone that warms you right to the bone. Add Graham Greene’s unique brand of guitar wizardry (yes, they are married), and you have an album that can definitely put a spell on you.

Each track on Tale Goes On feels a bit like a finely crafted short story or fairy-tale, expertly shaped and polished with both musical skill and profound, lyrical poetry.  As always it seems a bit superfluous to try to pin labels on good music, but you might call Resonance Project “prog/melodic rock with a hard-rocking backbone”. Something like that.

The EP’s title track is a hooky and powerful opener: there’s a sinuous eastern rhythm twisting below the lustrous vocals, and some seriously dazzling guitar-muscle rippling beneath the shiny keys.

After that, “Kings & Queens” shimmers by with the kind of hopeful vibe that grabs you by the heartstrings, before the band digs into one of my favourite tracks on Tale Goes On: “Behind The Dreamer’s Veil”. The tone is darker here, with a deep, rumbling bass and the guitar kicking in with some real hard-rocking power. Donna’s vocals are in full flight, and this is the kind of track that gives me serious goosebumps: “you dreamed yourself here”.ResonanceProject

Resonance Project’s full fire-power is revealed on “Fire In Your Liberty” – a stunner of a track that gets everything right, from the strings and keys in the intro, to Donna’s majestic vocals, to the heavy, driving riffs: this track is just epic with its huge, lush sound. (Check out the live version below to hear for yourself!)

On “Rise And Fall” Graham Greene unleashes some demon-speed shredding, and this is also one of the tracks where you can really hear how perfectly his guitar and Donna’s voice play off each other: there’s some definite musical telepathy going on there, and it’s a treat to listen to.

Tale Goes On ends with “The Dreamed” – Donna’s voice soaring with the music as she sings some of the most poignant lyrics on the album: “are we the dreamers or the dreamed? / we must face the world we dream”.

Resonance Project packs a whole lot of emotion, musical fire, and lyrical beauty into the six tracks here, and for me, the band stands out as a truly original and compelling musical voice.

You can find Tale Goes On on CD Baby and iTunes.

Resonance Project’s official website / Facebook


  1. Tale Goes On
  2. Kings & Queens
  3. Behind The Dreamer’s Veil
  4. Fire In Your Liberty
  5. Rise And Fall
  6. The Dreamed


  • Donna Greene: Lead and backing vocals
  • Graham Greene: Guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals and programming
  • Jim Awram: Bass on ‘Fire In Your Liberty’

Photo artwork by Greenehouse Productions.


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