Album review – OCTOBER RAGE “Fallout, Dust and Guns”

FalloutDustAndGunsFallout, Dust And Guns by Australian band October Rage is a heavy rocking, five-track EP with massive riffs, rugged and powerful vocals, and a deep, thumping heartbeat. This is no mindless rock-by-numbers release: instead there’s a dark, lyrical undertow to each tune here, but each tune is also lit up by the band’s musical pyrotechnics – providing the kind of big, bold and beautiful sound that hits you hard, right where it counts.

The EP kicks off with the absolutely smashing “Valkyrie” – fuelled by a deep and heavy groove that is powerful enough to ride all the way to Valhalla. “it’s a perfect day to die” sings front-man Nick Roberts, and with the band ripping and roaring behind him, October Rage lives up to its billing as “bombastic heavy rock” right off the bat.

Second track “Signal Fire” starts off with an almost tender piano intro, and grows into what might best be described as a hard rock piano power-ballad. Is there such a thing? Well, there is now! There’s kind of an 80s gloss and feel to this fantastic track, and the guitar work is excellent, matching the work on the keys.October_Rage

The band feeds the rock’n’roll fire with the slithering and swaggering “End Of Days”, a track that twists and rolls with its ominous lyrics: “there is nothing left but fallout dust and guns”. I’ve got to say: October Rage’s take on Armageddon sounds pretty damn good with its crunchy riffs, heavy heavy heavy drums, and brilliant vocals – and there’s an Eastern sway to the music here that suggests a rock’n’roll caravan roaming right on through the bleak end-of-the-world landscape.

“Heart Of Stone” is a heart-crushing ballad, with vocals soaring high out of desperation and sadness. This track builds up beautifully, giving me chills all over. As a fantasy-geek, the final track appeals to me on every level: “White Walkers” draws its inspiration from George R .R. Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire-novels (now better known as Game Of Thrones on HBO).  It’s a chilling, slightly unsettling and just majestically soaring tune – just as it should be when dealing with white walkers!

October Rage’s 2011 release Outrage also offered some real rocking goodness, and the track “Set You Free” off that album has been in constant rotation on my regular playlist since I first heard it in 2012. Yet somehow I missed the release of Fallout, Dust And Guns in September, and I have to extend a huge thank you to the guys in Aussie band Ragdoll for alerting me to this release a couple of weeks ago.

October Rage is currently touring the US and has played a string of gigs with Bobaflex and Royal Bliss. Get acquainted with this crew, if you haven’t acquainted yourself already, and grab a copy of this tasty, heavy rocking EP right frigging now.

October Rage’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Valkyrie
  2. Signal Fire
  3. End Of Days
  4. Heart Of Stone
  5. White Walkers


  • Nick Roberts – Vocals, Guitar
  • William Roberts – Bass
  • Kai Chambers – Drums
  • John Mcmullen – Guitars, Keys


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