Album review – MAMMOTHOR “Mammothor” (EP)

Mammothor“Mammothor” is an unsigned 6-piece rock-band out of Boston, Massachusetts that has released a 7-track, self-titled EP available for download on Soundcloud. The music is hard rock with both some 1990s grunge-flavour a la early Soundgarden, and a trippy 1970s psychedelic vibe running through it. You can hear influences from old-school acts like Hendrix and Led Zeppelin in the compositions, and the inclusion of a keyboard player (Jeff Barberie) in the lineup reinforces the 70s vibe

The band has a big and heavy sound, with the two guitarists Josh Johnson and Dana Sharpton putting a lot of riffy, meaty goodness into the tunes, helped out ably by Brian Perry on bass, and with some solid drumming by Adam Lentine. Jimmy Douglas’ vocals are a good fit for the music – his voice has a lot of grit and toughness and he can put a good wail in as well when needed, adding to the classic hard rock sound.

“Slave One Day” is my favorite track here, and it’s a tune that successfully fuses the band’s strengths: the classic hard rock muscle, the groovy riffs, and the great keyboards and drums, with a hooky chorus. The acoustic version of the tune, stripped down to vocals and acoustic guitar, is good too and gives Douglas’ voice some free range.

There’s a lot of good stuff here, including the heavy swinging, funky groove of “Gong Bonzer” (my favorite track after “Slave One Day”); the riffy darkness of “Curse of Time”, the head-banging throb of “Mammothor”; and the almost tender and very trippy “Birdman”. “The stand” is also a keeper, coming at you armed with thundering drums and roaring guitars and bass, as well as some trippy vocals is another standout.

While Mammothor’s music is still somewhat rough around the edges when it comes to the production, that roughness also helps the band retain some good live-energy. My only other quibble is that a couple of the tracks feel slightly on the long side and could be tighter, though that kind of goes with the loose, jam-it-out style the band plays. Quibbles aside, this is a promising and original collection of tunes, and the groove-laden, classic hard-rocking heaviness infused with that psychedelic glow gives the tracks and the band personality.

You can listen and download Mammothor’s music on Soundcloud.

Mammothor at  Bandcamp / Facebook / Soundcloud/ YouTube


  • Jimmy Douglas: vocals
  • Josh Johnson: guitar
  • Adam Lentine: drums
  • Brian Perry: bass
  • Dana Sharpton: guitar
  • Jeff Barberie: keys


  1. The Stand
  2. Mammothor
  3. The Bird Man
  4. Curse of Time
  5. Gong Bonzer
  6. Slave One Day
  7. Slave One Day (acoustic)

(This review was originally published at Hard Rock Nights.)



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