Album review – BLACK TORA “Black Tora”

10491120_10152595668313200_4400307625786017896_nGot an appetite for some knock-down, drag-out, uncompromisingly awesome metal and hard rock? (Seriously: who doesn’t?) In that case, I recommend you get a taste of this self-titled album from Black Tora. This souped up three-piece from Texas proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that their spectacular EP “Raise Your Fists” was no happy accident, delivering an album that is bursting at the seams with supercharged guitar, vocals big enough to fill any mega-arena, and drums that might just be powerful enough to conquer the known world.

Channeling influences from the golden age of bands like Van Halen, Judas Priest, Skid Row and others, Black Tora cranks it up to 11 on this album, making this an irresistible and thoroughly satisfying heavy and hard rock and roll ride that will take your breath away, jumpstart your heart, melt your face, and make you bang your head, all at the same time. (Yes, it actually is possible.)

Black Tora bares some shiny metal muscle on this album, especially on “Attack” and “Fuel My Hunger”: two tunes that are pure rushes of musical adrenaline, with Chris Daniel’s excellent vocals and RazorDave’s intoxicating guitar-work powering through some furious, blistering metal goodness. I love how the band just explodes with speed and power here, taking off like a rocket into the stratosphere.

But it’s not all about the metal. These guys also know how to deliver some top-notch, 1980s-infused hard rock. For proof, listen to the rousing “Hearts On Fire”, or the motorcycle-loving, engine-revving, and swaggering rock-anthem “Freedom Rider”.

On “Feed My Ego” the band roasts today’s self-involved, fame-at-any-cost celebrity culture (“Why don’t you look at me?”). They also show off a throwback rock’n’roll sound in the intro, before laying down a funky, hard-rocking groove that might make you think of Van Halen when they really sounded like Van Halen. Oh, and by the way: Nicky X’ drum barrage on this tune is crushingly good.BlackTora

Black Tora gives you something extra on every track. They pump some true passion into the stunning “Break Down The Wall” (a contender for best track on the album for me), with the guys flaunting a melodic hard rock vibe, while still keeping it hard and heavy enough to bowl you over. Then they go beautifully 80s glitz and gloss on “Born To Play Loud”, and when Daniel sings “I was born to rock the world”, it’s hard to argue with him.

Final track “The Rocker” has a retro, 1950s vibe to it, but it’s the 1950s run through a hard-rock and metal converter, giving it an unmistakable Black Tora-twist,  and making it another killer track.

Black Tora serves up a heady shot of musical brawn and razor-sharp skills on this album. The 8 tracks tear by so fast that you’ll definitely be left wanting more: I know I can’t stop listening to it. This release is highly recommended for immediate and repeated consumption.

You can find “Black Tora” on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, or contact the band for a CD.

Black Tora on Facebook / Twitter


  • Chris Daniel – Vocals/Bass
  • RazorDave – Guitar
  • Nicky X – Drums


  1. Attack
  2. Hearts On Fire
  3. Feed My Ego
  4. Freedom Rider
  5. Fuel My Hunger
  6. Break Down The Wall
  7. Born To Play Loud
  8. The Rocker


  1. These guys flat out rock. Listen to them every day. When I’m jamming on my guitar at home, “Never Enough” is always on the play list. Can’t wait for what’s next. Hope things blow up and a national tour happens! Rock On.


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