Album review – MASSIVE “Full Throttle”

?????????????The first track I ever heard by Australian band Massive was the ridiculously dance-inducing and hard rocking “Dancefloor”. I was a goner from that point on. Hookier and shinier than a tricked out fishing lure, and with the chorus: “We got the motherfucking dancefloor / We’re gonna rock until the encore” this track is Grade-A mosh-pit fuel. The same can be said for the band’s first album “Full Throttle” – a debut that is loud, brash, feverishly hot, and sparking with relentless intensity.

Mixing their tremendous raw energy with strong song writing skills, a knack for controlled musical mayhem, and killer beats, this is a skilled and solid crew. They quote a lot of the usual suspects as influences: Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC. Motley Crue, Foo Fighters… and Massive definitely belongs on that branch of rock’n’roll’s family tree.

The band revs its engine right from the start with “Burn The Sun” – flaunting sizzling guitars, bone-shaking drums, and vocals cranked up to 11 – and that’s just the warm-up. On “Hollywood” they really slam the pedal to the metal, and they just keep slamming it down hard, with tracks like the fast, furious and thoroughly pleasurable “One By One”; straight up rocker “Lacey”; and the flashy and catchy “Best of Both Worlds”.

Each track here has its own personality, with the band showing off a Led Zeppelin-vibe on the heavy rocking “Bring Down The City”; and some awesome guitar and drums on “Big Trend Setter” – a tune that lures you in with its softer vocals before the chorus brings the hammer down.

“Ghost” is a standout track on a standout album – a brilliant power ballad glowing with an inner fire, and I love this track more every time I listen to it. The wistfulness of the lyrics – “I’ve been around for a long long time / seen it all and I survived —- I’ve been there for the better days / a lesson learned the hardest way” – just rips me up, and the vocals are outstanding.massive2

Massive’s rhythm section deserves special mention because it’s such a big part of the band’s, well, massive sound. Just give a listen to the irresistible beat of “Dancefloor”, or the delicious drum- and bass-throb on “Now Or Never”. Finally, the whole band brings the house down on the title track, “Full Throttle”, a tune that is chock-full of speeding guitars, meaty drums, and vocals hot enough to melt your face.

This is a band that knows how to kick your ass into gear and make you want to move. Need a party-starter? Turn this album on, crank it up, and stick around to watch the fireworks.

(Note: Massive was signed by Earache Records, and their album will be re-released with 4 brand new recordings on July 21, 2014.)

Massive’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  • Brad Marr: vocals, guitar
  • Aidan McGarrigle: bass, backing vocals
  • Ben Laguda: lead guitar, vocals
  • Jarrod Medwin: drums, backing vocals


  1. Burn The Sun
  2. Hollywood
  3. Bring Down The City
  4. One By One
  5. Big Trend Setter
  6. Lacey
  7. Dancefloor
  8. Ghost
  9. Now Or Never
  10. Best Of Both Worlds (feat. Kristy Jinx)
  11. Full Throttle

This review was previously published at Since the review was published, Massive signed a deal with Earache Records, and “Full Throttle” was released worldwide with additional tunes July 21, 2014.



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