Interview with Dirty Thrills

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Interview with Dirty Thrills

How long has Dirty Thrills been around and how did you all meet? Tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds.

We basically started in late 2012. Louis was in between bands and came up with the idea of starting an original blues/rock project. He knew and played with Steve and Jack beforehand, so the phone call was made. Louis lived at his dad’s old studio in Wiltshire at the time, so we drove out there (and still regularly do), jammed and drank all night long. We clicked instantly. Louis knew Aaron from an audition he had gone to for another band in the past, and got him in as soon as a new bassist position was up for grabs.

We’ve all had similar backgrounds in music, playing a variety of different styles in many different situations, but Rock ‘n’ roll music has always been the sole genre to stick.

Is there a story behind how you chose the name Dirty Thrills?

Our singer Louis James came up with the name randomly. We had gone through loads of ideas that we weren’t completely happy with (We were very close to settling on ‘Gypsy Eyes’). Dirty Thrills stuck as we began to realize the music we were writing fit the name perfectly.

Your brilliant EP, Growing Young, was released last year. Who wrote the songs and what was the inspiration behind them?

Cheers. The writing process for the EP was an exciting one. We were still finding ourselves as a band then, which meant every and any idea was something new to us. But generally, someone would come in with a strong basis of the song, we would jam it, come up with our own parts, and all contribute things along the way.

You raised funds for your debut album through Pledge Music, which is becoming a popular way to crowd fund a new album. How did you find that experience and would you recommend it to other bands?

I would definitely recommend Pledge Music to other artists. They helped us every step of the way, from setting our project up, to helpful advice on boosting pledges. If you don’t mind giving them a cut of your money, then go for it.

You’re about to go into the studio to record your debut album. Can you tell us a bit about the songs on the album and what fans can expect?

Yeah we are so happy that we’ve finally got to the recording stage, we have been writing and planning the album now for the best part of 8 months. The EP was a great starter for us, but expect to really get the real ‘Dirty Thrills’ sound that we have honed. It’s gunna be a lot dirtier, louder and grittier than our EP. The tracks are actually a bit of a mix, we’ve got some classic rock ‘n’ roll, some heavies, some dirty riff-age and even a rock ballad.

Do you have any gigs planned?

We’re currently in the process of confirming tour dates for later this year, but in the meantime we have some festival dates over the summer 🙂

Sunday 25th May – Lechlade Music Festival, Gloucestershire
Friday 25th July – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
Saturday 2nd August – VW Whitenoise Festival, Norfolk
Saturday 16th August – West Fest, Leeds

If you could play any venue in the world, which would you choose?

That’s a toughie as there are so many great venues. I suppose the two that spring to mind are Madison Square Garden and London’s 02 Arena. I think you’re kind of on the right track once you have played them, ha.

Who were your favourite bands/musicians when you were growing up, and were there any defining moments for you when you knew you wanted to be a musician?

I think we all generally grew up with music in the forefront of our minds, it was just a question of ‘will my parents buy me a instrument to play on?’.

Aaron’s influences range from the raw ‘Zeppelin’ rock/blues rhythm section of John Paul Jones and John Bonham, to ‘The Funk Brothers’ of Motown, to the groove of the James Brown rhythm sections.

Louis’ was anything from Free to Rival Sons. Steve took influences from a lot of Rock and Pop-Punk bands that emerged in the late ’90s.

Oh and Jack proudly grew up listening to Robbie Williams (But hated ‘Rudebox’).

Question for Louis from one of my blog followers: Your father was part of the Moody Blues at one time and associated with many famous musicians of the time. How did your father’s music and lifestyle influence you when you were growing up?

Growing up with a father like mine was great in many ways, but equally as intimidating. I developed a great all round sense of music, and based a lot of my vocal sound on his. I also met and learned from many musicians along the way, teaching me not only how to sing, but to write, and play many other instruments. Plus he had great stories he would tell about his life in the music business, but we can save some of some for another time.

If you could tour with any other band who would you choose, and why?

We would love to tour with Queens Of The Stone Age and see the world through the bloodshot eyes of a desert dwelling ginger God. Plus there a great band…

Oh and maybe Jack White and The Black Keys.

What was the last album you bought, and would you recommend it?

Jack’s last album he bought was ‘The Ultimate Django Reinhardt Collection’. He’s trying to knock a bit of a gypsy jazz vibe into some of our new album’s solos where he can get away with it. Steve’s was Michael Jackson’s ‘XSCAPE’, and he regrets that announce he was unimpressed. The modern spin they put on it, didn’t really do it for him.

When you buy music, do you prefer downloads or CDs?

Oh always download now, as unfortunately times have moved on. I loved the CD era.

Which are the best social media sites for fans to keep up with Dirty Thrills news?

We’re on Twitter (@DirtyThrills) and Facebook ( We also have our own website (

Do you have any other news for your fans?

Stay tuned for our first single off the new album (TBC), which shall be released over the summer, complete with music video. Also, the album will be out July this year (date TBC), available from itunes, spotify or our website (

Band bio:

Dirty Thrills are an exciting, up-and-coming London-based Rock ‘n’ Roll quartet. Fronted by the son of Moody Blues singer Nicky James, this dirty outfit are bringing back classic Rock ‘n’ Roll, whilst leaving a contemporary mark. With powerful driven vocals from Louis James, killer guitar riffs from Jack Fawdry and solid, sexy low end grooves from the rhythm section of Aaron Plows and Stevo Corrigan, they are churning out vocal driven belters whilst making guitar music sexy again. Although only formed in late 2012, the massive buzz from their debut EP ‘Growing Young’ is already showing the world what these lads can offer the world. Influence stems from many genres to produce a sound similar to Queens of the Stone Age, Black Keys and Rival Sons, with lashings of clever guitar riffs and vibrant Robert Plant-esque vocal lines. Looking to the future, the boys have a debut album set for a summer release. Catch them on tour, and experience an unforgettable performance.


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