Interview with Joe Lomax of Peur

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Peur are a talented young band from Manchester who have a great contemporary sound. They draw their inspiration from many different types of music. Currently, they’re offering their debut EP free. Having listened to that and enjoyed it I invited them here to learn a bit more about the band and their current projects and plans.

Interview with Joe Lomax of Peur


I love your band name ‘Peur’, who came up with that?

We love Cats, The French and Horror movies/games. So it kinda fit.

You have an imaginatively titled EP out now. How did you come up with the title ‘We Can Build Astronauts’? What was the inspiration behind that title?

I suppose it was a combination of listening to a lot of Post Rock and wanting to call it something a bit unusual as kind of a tribute to that genre of music. We are really heavily inspired by ‘post’ music so I suppose we wanted to represent that through the title. I think also we just like complex names that sound a bit ridiculous! We’d just sit and come up with the strangest names we could think of, some were just stupid and others were kinda cool, We eventually settled on ‘We Can Build Astronauts’.

Who designed the cover of your EP?

All the covers (digital and physical) were designed by Jack Tempest, a rather amazing comic book artist who just happened to be Sam’s (our drummer) brother! The poster that you get inside the physical copy of the EP was designed by Will Tempest, Sam’s other brother. We are lucky to have a family of artists so close to us!

What made you decide to offer your excellent EP as a free download?

Nowadays I think it’s so important to make your music as available to people as you possibly can, especially if you’re a new and unsigned band. People won’t spend money on music if they don’t know what the band is like, having only one song out doesn’t really give you a great idea of the bands sound, so giving an EP out for free is really important to promote your band. Then when you next release something people will be more ready to pay for it. Or so we hope!

You have a great video for your track ‘Anarchy’. How important do you think it is for bands to have videos for their songs?

So important. Videos are key to properly promoting your music, utilising sites like YouTube is vital. If you hear about a new band the first place you’re going to look for their music is YouTube, because it’s so easy and it’s one of the most popular sites in the world, so getting your music and videos on there is a must. But also what’s equally important is the quality of the video. If your video’s cheap, it will look cheap and that puts people off, it’s the same with the music side, you’ve got to have a professional product.

Who produced your video, and were the band involved in how the video was put together?

The video was done by Duncan Howsley at LAB Exposure. They’re so great to work with, and do some amazing work. They’ve worked with some big names as well.

We went to Dunc with a general idea of lighting and a vibe that we wanted, we mentioned the stock footage that you see in there, then he kinda put the rest together.

Who writes Peur’s songs, and what inspires the music and lyrics?

I’ll usually bring an idea to the band first but they’re very much written collectively by all three of us. I’ll show them something I’ve got then we see what happens, other times I’ll have a specific vision of what I want it to sound like and we try to achieve that. But they usually don’t end up how I imagined them, but always in a good way! Once Ryan and Sam put their style and influence into the songs they become something different and it’s always for the better! As far as lyrics go, I usually write them but Sam and Ryan have penned a few choruses and verses in a few songs.

The influences for songs can come from anywhere really, usually our favourite bands or if we’re listening to new music it can come from there.

Your music has been compared to Muse’s. How does that make you feel?

Well, I suppose if you like Muse it’s a good thing. We are big fans of Muse, their early stuff at least. People can compare us to whomever they want to, it’s interesting to hear who we remind people of. Personally, we don’t see the Muse comparison, we think we’re different to Muse. It’s a different style. But if we remind you of Muse then that’s totally fine!

You have been touring locally. How has that been going? You have a gig coming up on the 10th November. Any others planned this year?

Yeah, it’s been great, we did an EP launch night at Sound Control in Manchester at the end of August, it went down great! So yeah, we’re back there on the 10th Nov. for a gig with The Cape Race, a bloody amazing Manchester band. They’ve got their album coming out soon so we’re supporting there show. Other than that we haven’t booked anything else for the rest off this year, we might book something but we’re keeping ourselves busy at the minute with writing and recording.

Are you working on any new music?

Yes, constantly. It’s different to the EP though.

Your bio states that you formed at the beginning of 2013. How did you all meet? Tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds.

Well that’s a bit of a fib, we started Peur at the beginning of 2013, but we’ve been playing as a band for about 3 years now. We all met in primary school and the idea to be in a band was always on the cards but we only got round to it about 3 years ago. Sam’s been playing drums for 10 years, me and Ryan and have been playing guitar for about 8 or 9.

How would you describe Peur’s sound?

That’s just impossible to answer. We feel like it changes all the time. I suppose the EP is quite mainstream, but some of the new songs we’ve been working could be classed as slightly experimental. I suppose its up to you guys to decide.

Any other news for your fans?

New Years Single.

Where are the best places for fans to follow you online and listen to your music?


Band Bio:

Formed at the beginning of 2013, with influences from Alternative Rock bands such as Biffy Clyro, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Placebo, to the extremes of Industrial legends Nine Inch Nails, to the niche Post Rock bands such as 65daysofstatic and This Will Destroy You, Peur’s broad music taste allowed them to write music with complexity and also mainstream appeal that outshone other bands their age.

Get the debut EP free, and find out more about the band on their official website!



  1. A wonderful interview, Maria. You asked some good questions and I’m impressed by Joe’s thoughtful, intelligent responses. He has a realistic view of today’s music industry, and is making some wise decisions about marketing the band. Was not familiar with them, but based on “Anarchy” I will listen to more of their music.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the interview. Yes, Peur are a great band and they have a good attitude. I love their new single “Who is Your God?”. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.


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